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We offer a service that not only allows you to shrink long URLs, but also to earn crypto through monetization, an affiliate program, offerwalls, paid-to-click ads, daily challenges and a faucet which you can claim every hour!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shrinkCo.in?

ShrinkCo.in is a webservice for shrinking and monetizing URLs to earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and more. Also, users can earn more money through an hourly faucet, paid consumer surveys and an affiliate system.

How do we earn money?

Users can earn money by shrinking and monetizing URLs. Upon successful redirection, credits are credited to the account. This money comes from people, buying adspace on our website. Along the way, users can also complete paid surveys or use the faucet to earn between 3-300 credits per hour. Through our affiliate system, between 10-25% additional commissions can be generated. We are also happy to pay bonuses on earnings, but this is only possible if you do not use an ad blocker at all times. Otherwise bonuses will be small, or even disappear altogether.

How are payments done?

Payments are made at least once a week, but we will not hesitate to make payments more often than that. To enable crypto payments, we use the FaucetPay payment service, which allows cryptocurrencies to be sent to users free of charge in any size.
This allows us to pay out users for as little as $0.25 (2,500 credits).
To pay for a bill, we accept USDT via FaucetPay and your self-earned credits on our website (gives 1% cashback).

Why am i not earning credits?

Earning credits is only possible if a user, who is not you, clicks for the first time on a monetized link from you AND at the same time an advertisement is available for this user, which the user has not seen before.

If the prerequisites are not met, no credits will be paid out to you.

How can I create an advertisement?

In order to create an ad, you must have a shrinkco.in account. If you click on the profile picture in the upper left corner, you can create a new bill under "Bills". Once you have created the invoice and an administrator has approved it, your ad will be added to our network.

To create an ad you need the following data:
-A title (only you can see it)
-A website (will be embedded in the ad page)
-Desired clicks (minimum 500 in increments of 500)
-Ad length (minimum 12s to 60s in increments of 3)
-HTML implementation (HTML code for your Ad, can be everything from iframes to images, text or a youtube video.)

Are there rules that i should follow?

Of course there are rules here too, summarized they are the following, but you can read more in our Terms.
-The creation of multiple accounts is prohibited, we check users before payouts, if a user, for example, over multiple accounts claim the faucet, all accounts would be blocked.
-Any kind of cheating or bots to get more earnings are prohibited and will result in a ban. -If you click on your own monetized link, you will get redirected instant and get no reward. Bypassing this will result in a ban. -Advertisements must comply with the terms, otherwise they will not be activated.
-Surveys must be answered truthfully in order to be paid out, otherwise they will not be paid out.
-Contact requests must be formulated in clear English, otherwise they will not be considered further.
(Feel free to use translators like DeepL or Google Translate)
-If a survey has not been completed correctly, and you have not earned credits, you must write to the offerwall-partner. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and requests of this nature will not be answered.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we have. At the moment it's only limited to URL shrinking, deleting and checking clicks, but just as the website is always evolving, the API will continue to evolve over time.
For more information check out the documentation!

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