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How to use our website

Shrink URLs

You can shrink any URL that contains a dot and at least 3 other characters. You can check "instant redirect" if you want users to be redirected directly to the landing page without ads. However, you will no longer earn money from the traffic on this URL. You can check "copy result into clipboard" if you want the shrunk URL to be copied directly into your clipboard. Under "Your URLs" you will find a list with up to 10 URLs and short information. The list is sorted from top new to bottom old. Below the list you can find buttons to open more pages of the list.

Manage URL

When you have shrunk a URL, you can press "Manage" in the list. There you will see rough statistics about the users who clicked on your URL. You can change the ID of the URL for 1,000 credits, the credits are taken so that one deliberately changes URLs and does not overload the network. You can see besides the normal statistics, which browsers and operating systems have clicked how often on your URL. In addition, you can see the campaigns that have clicked the most on your URL. To track a campaign, you just have to add a /[campaign_name] to your URL. The name can be anything, as long as you know how to assign it.


Here you can see the changes to our website, sorted by most recent.


Our API allows you to shrink URLs via POST request, check the clicks or delete a shrunk URL. This can be especially interesting for website owners who give credits to their users for passing a 1link.


Once every 60 minutes you have the possibility to claim at our faucet. Our faucet works as follows: You do a little captcha where you have to click on images to confirm that you are not a bot. After you have pressed "Claim", a random number between 1 and 100.000 will be rolled in the background. On the faucet page you can see how many credits you get for which number. The probability of rolling a 100,000 is just as high as for any other number. The credits will be credited directly to your account.


Here you earn money from watching ads, which users buy on our platform, therefore ads are available only if users bought some. Credits are directly added to your accounts balance.


We offer challenges for particularly active users that can be completed daily to earn additional credits. Once you complete a challenge, you have the option to press "Claim Challenge". The credits will be credited directly to your account.


On the Offerwalls page you will find third party providers that allow you to earn even more credits on our platform through simple tasks. As a security measure, you can only access Offerwalls after you have claimed the faucet on our website at least 5 times. Offerwall earnings must be verified by an administrator before being paid out, as earnings can be confiscated if a user provides false information in surveys or acts fraudulently. You will see a list of your completed offers that still need to be reviewed by an administrator at the bottom of the page.


When people sign up through your affiliate link, you get a certain commission for their faucet claims, traffic revenue and offer wall income, forever as long as they are active. These credits are credited directly to you as well.

Earn more

On "Earn more" you can find providers for further earning opportunities. We are users of these providers ourselves and only earn money when you earn money, so feel free to test them out. We have received at least 1x payout from each of these providers and know about their legitimacy.

Buy adspace

You can buy advertising space on our website on our shrunken URLs. Your ad will be displayed for the time you pay and users will also be redirected to your website if the captcha is successful. The CPM depends on the length of your ad. We offer ad slots from 10 views and 12 to a maximum of 60 seconds. You can pay via FaucetPay in USDT and with your earned credits on our website, if you choose the latter you will get 1% cashback directly to your account.

Running ads

After you have successfully paid for an ad space and an administrator has checked it against our terms, your ad will be listed here.


You can also buy Paid-To-Click ads on our website. You can buy from 12 to a maximum of 60 seconds and minimum of 10 views. Users will have to complete a captcha in order to get counted.

Running PTC

Here you see all your PTC campaigns listed.


Here you can see your ad purchases listed on our website.


Here you can request your payout and edit your profile settings, payout currency, address and email. You can also set a username to participate in our community chat.